Beautiful Meeting Between Dog and Deer Is the Most Precious Thing All Week

Everyone knows that no good water-filled summer activity is complete without bringing your dog along. Dogs love the water as much as the next person. And this dog in TikTok user @constantinovidiu78's video had an especially great day thanks to his new friend.

During this fun day, a dog ran up to a very unexpected and unafraid animal. The adorable clip has quickly gone viral with nearly 6 million views during the first two days of being posted. And to us, it looks like the start of a beautiful love story!

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Be still our hearts! This is by far the cutest video we've seen in a long, long time. We were completely blown away that the dog and the deer weren't afraid of each other. Maybe it was love at first sight! And if it is, we can't wait to see the rest of their love story.

One TikToker, @bponders, wrote what these two beautiful animals were thinking. It reads, "Dog; 'Strange looking dog!' Deer: 'Strange looking deer!'” HA! This is exactly how we imagine their thoughts went. They didn't care about the other looking a little different, they were still so curious.

This isn't the first time a deer befriended another animal and we're sure it won't be the last. We've seen deer nuzzling cats and then we've seen deer nap with bunnies. And we'd bet anything that there will be another video of a deer befriending another animal. Does that mean deer earn the Miss or Mr. Congeniality Title for wildlife? LOL!

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