Beautiful Dog Abandoned at Metallica Concert Is in Desperate Need of a Foster Home

In Inglewood, California on August 26, someone abandoned their dog at a Metallica concert at SoFi stadium. According to the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, the dog was sitting in a seat, and was there for hours. There is a wonderful update to this incredible story at the end of the article.

Check out the following posted on Facebook.

The Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation says, "We are looking for a possible foster.

Last night at the Metallica concert, someone abandoned their pup in the middle of the stadium. The dog was sitting in a seat, and was there for hours. He was taken to the local shelter, which at the moment we are trying to pull her from. Regardless of what people think, no dog should be taken to a rock concert. It was extremely loud, and that poor pup was definitely scared. The dog looks to be an Akita Shepherd mix. Very friendly and sweet. "

There's never a need to bring a dog to a concert, unless this is a service dog. Or unless the concert is a dog-friendly event played quietly so it doesn't hurt the dog's very sensitive ears. Dogs have incredible hearing abilities, and their acute sense of hearing means they have sensitive ears. Loud music can be stressful and harmful to dogs, and even damage their hearing.

Why would anyone subject their dog to super loud music, not to mention a huge crowd of people, and then just leave it there? What terrible dog owners. Some people should never be allowed to have dogs.

If you are interested in fostering this dog or making a donation to its care, you can visit the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation website here.

UPDATE: The owner of the gorgeous Husky named Storm posted this update to Facebook.

Arizabeth Hurtado, who owns Storm, has no idea how her Husky snuck past security to enjoy the Metallica Concert. She told me “She is home and safe! We learned something new about her.. she is apparently a huge Metallica fan who decided to sneak out for the concert!” Storm was reunited with her family after the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation made the original posting.

Hurtado and her family live right across from SoFi stadium and Storm snuck off without anyone knowing, Hurtado continued "We were laughing so hard when we saw she was SITTING IN AN ACTUAL SEAT AT THE CONCERT ."

It's so wild that Storm actually stayed for basically the entire show! I told Arizabeth that she should get her concert-going pup a collar camera so she can see if she decides to go to any other shows without her knowing.

This story has such a happy ending! We are so glad Storm is now home safe and sound with her loving family. They may just want to ground her from listening to any metal for a few weeks.

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