Beard Jewels are the Coolest New Facial Hair Trend


It’s not everyday that a new beauty trend for beards begins to pick up steam, which is why the latest facial hair craze has people seriously intrigued.

An Italian design company named Krato Milano, recently launched a line of beard jewelry in the shape of small clips that can be adhered to beards. Each jewel has a metal base to secure it into the hair by all twisting the spiral back into the beard to catch the hair and secure it into place.


Other than the tiny, classic crystal option, the line offers miniature skull or anchor shapes for purchase. However, the brand plans to expand the line of styles, offering up a Kickstarter page for people to donate money to help the brand expand.

“This collection is dedicated to strong characters who express their individuality in eccentric, yet sophisticated ways,” the Kickstarter page says, explaining why their jewels are perfect for bearded men. “Beard is a visual display of dignity, style, and uniqueness which makes for a perfect canvas of self-expression.”

Once the company reaches their financial goal (which, they’re only a few hundred dollars away from, by the way), backers will be surveyed on their favorite designs—ranging from a motorcycle clip to a miniature dragon—that they would like to be added to the collection.


Not urprisingly, social media users weren’t exactly sold on the idea, with a few outspoken people taking to Twitter to condemn the trend:

However, if you take into account how quickly Krato Milano gained financial backing (and how strangely popular other trends like glitter beards and flower beards became) this subtle beard decoration will still probably end up taking off in popularity. Only time will tell for sure.

One piece of jewelry can be purchased for around $34 USD on the Kickstarter page and the new designs are projected to release in December 2016.

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