Bear Steals a Door Dash Order Right off People’s Porch


Families everywhere use Door Dash to have meals delivered, but what if it disappeared before you had a chance to go out and grab it? That’s what happened to one family and @DailyMail posted a video showing who the thief was that took it on Thursday, November 9th.

The video starts with a Door Dasher leaving the family’s food on the porch. She leaves, but an unexpected visitor arrives and sees the bag of food and decides it would be perfect for his dinner. He picks it up and walks off with it. When mom goes out to get the food, there’s confusion because it’s gone!

This is hilarious! I'm sure this is not the thief that they expected. I wonder what the family thought when they went back and watched the video. I’m sure that they were glad that they missed the visitor! They were probably also mad that their meal had disappeared, and they had no dinner.

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@Daily Mail commenters got a kick out of the bear’s shenanigans. @Chris Parks wondered, "Why would you ask to leave it at the front if you have wild Bears...smh". @ron_tiktok_2021 said, "He was just after the "Bear Necessities"!" and another commenter added, "He must've been beary hungry!"

Bears can be a menace if you live in a place that they live too. They love getting into garbage and making themselves at home. I bet the next time this family decides to Door Dash that they’ll open the door to get the food directly from the driver instead of just having them leave it!

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