‘The Bear’ Renewed for Season 3, Set to Return in 2024

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The Bear is finally open for business. After a wild gut renovation that included some wild inspection, so many permits, and some long drives to make sure paperwork gets in on time, our favorite chefs have their dream place up and running. But will it last? While we'd love to get a third course served, there's always a chance that it doesn't pass on minute inspection and has to shut down for good. So is this the end of our new favorite dinner spot?

Here's everything we know about The Bear season 3.

Is The Bear season 3 happening?

FX announced that The Bear season 3 will be happening on November 6, 2023. After weeks of speculation, fans can now breathe easily as they wait for their favorite chefs to come back to the kitchen! In their press release announcing its return, FX noted that the show will return in 2024, despite the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike. It's also set to be released on Hulu like its previous seasons, although Disney is now set to own all of Hulu after buying out Comcast.

Even though we had to wait until FX and Hulu made their decisions, but we definitely took all the Will Poulter fancams as a good sign.

And then there were also the 2023 Emmy Award nominations which confirmed The Bear as a heavy competition hitter, even over a year after season 1's release. Season 2 won't be eligible until the 2024 competition, but it all just proves that everyone is hungry for The Bear even after its release.

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What would The Bear season 3 be about?

The show's second season ends on Friends & Family night, so the restaurant technically isn't officially open to the public yet. However, there's no doubt that more will come to light, especially with Carmy and Sugar's mom. Also, there's the fact that they still gotta pay Uncle Jimmy all his money back so business better get booming soon or else they'll be in trouble.

When will we know if The Bear will be back?

The show was a massive hit for FX and Hulu back when it first premiered and was renewed just a month after its premiere. With its continued success, we can probably expect a similar timeline, but anything can happen with these networks.

When will The Bear season 3 be released?

With SAG-AFTRA still waiting on a good deal from the studios, it will take a while for the show to come back unless streamers and networks finally give them a proper deal. That being said, FX remains hopeful as they noted a 2024 return so here's hoping!

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