Bear Relaxes in Tennessee Hot Tub

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Video Transcript

- Look at that bear. [INAUDIBLE].

- No. Look. This bear walked over my coffee. It's about to jump down. Oh, my gosh. OK. OK. Bye.

- Did you speak to it?

- No, I didn't speak to it. It's a black bear. They're bad bears. They can be mean. It just knocked my Jacuzzi top over. Oh--

- I know. I saw it drag it. When I got up and sat here, all of a sudden, I heard--

- And now it just got in my Jacuzzi. OK, I'm--

- No, it did not.

- Yes, it's getting warm.


- It's just having a blast. It is in the Jacuzzi. OK. I'm glad I wasn't in the Jacuzzi. It's in the Jacuzzi. There's a black bear, a wild black bear, in the Jacuzzi, getting warm.

- I meant to tell you that I saw it.

- Unbelievable.

- Is it swimming or just sitting back in the tub?

- Just sitting there. Just looking at me as I opened the door. Just having a blast. Just got in the Jacuzzi. Whatever.

- Is there water in it?

- Huh?

- Is there water in the Jacuzzi?

- Yeah, it's warm water. Some steam's coming up. It's just having a blast. Now it's trying to eat the filter.


- I think I shall right now. But there was another bear that he was playing with, and then he left it and came in here. OK, all right. I'm going to move.

- I know. I said, I am not going outside. Last night, you should have seen me. I said-- I've never seen a--

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