From Beanbag Chairs to Sensory Boxes, These 11 Products Belong in Your Kids' Calming Corner

Murphy Moroney

While parents today may have gotten their fair share of timeouts when they were little, this traditional form of discipline isn't always the best option. Of course, there are different alternatives to timeouts, like redirecting behavior or encouraging children to meditate, but the use of calming corners are on the rise in early childhood development circles.

In short, a calming corner - or a calm-down corner - is a dedicated space meant for young children to wind down and process their emotions, whether they're angry, upset, or overstimulated. Designed to help kids regain control over their feelings, these safe spaces can come in many forms and generally contain comforting or soothing materials.

Great for the home or the classroom, calming corners typically include a comfy place to sit, toys that promote relaxation and reflection, as well as books and posters to help children navigate their feelings. Parents who are interested in creating their own calming corner can scroll ahead to get a look at helpful products that will make your little ones find peace amid even the most catastrophic meltdown.

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