'BBT' Fans Declare Mayim Bialik Is “Up to Something” After Her Instagram With Jim Parsons

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'BBT' Fans Think Mayim Bialik Is "Up to Something"CBS Photo Archive - Getty Images

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Are Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons collaborating once more? According to eagle-eyed fans, it looks like the duo might be brewing up something.

On April 20, The Big Bang Theory actress surprised her followers by uploading a never-before-seen photo to Instagram. In the picture, Mayim wore a veil and tiara while Jim sat next to her smiling. According to her caption, the longtime friends were working on the sitcom's season 11 finale at the time, during which their characters Amy and Sheldon got married.

"Rehearsing the Amy Sheldon wedding episode. Note the veil. 👰🏻," Mayim wrote, while also tagging Jim's Instagram account in the post as well.

Given how this is the third picture the Blossom alum has shared of the two to social media in recent months, Mayim's post left people with their eyebrows raised. As it turns out, many began to suspect that the pair may have something up their sleeves.

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"You're up to something, I can feel it," one person wrote in the comments section. "Jim needs to appear on Jeopardy! and both need to play as their characters. Imagine Jim being wrong and [Mayim] correcting his answers 😂," another follower theorized. "Please tell me this has to do with the new Big Bang Theory [spin-off] that HBO Max is doing," a different user begged.

While it's unclear whether Mayim and Jim will reunite onscreen, the folks behind the show that shot them to fame did release major news earlier this month. Entertainment Weekly recently reported that co-creator Chuck Lorre is working on a new show in the Big Bang Theory universe, which will live on the upcoming Max (formerly known as HBO Max) streaming site.

As far as whether the Call Me Kat star would ever return to her iconic TV role, she's open to the idea ... should it be offered. "If I am, I don't know it," she told E! News about appearing in the upcoming Big Bang Theory spin-off. "I got the news like everybody else."

Mayim continued: "We're all still pretty close, so there was a lot of texting going on. And I asked my agent. He was like, 'I don't know.' I guess no one knows at this point, but I can't wait to find out. I'll do anything related to anything like that ... But we really have no idea, so I'm in the same boat as everyone else."

Here's hoping for a possible reunion!

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