#BB22's Biggest Twist Yet: How Exactly Does a Triple Eviction Work?

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  • During Big Brother All Stars's September 24 live eviction, Julie Chen Moonves announced that next Thursday's live show would be a triple eviction.

  • On October 1, three people will be evicted from Big Brother in one night for the first time ever. But what does that mean?

During the latest Thursday live eviction episode where we saw Da'Vonne get voted out and become the second member of the Big Brother 22 jury, host Julie Chen Moonves announced some big news—and it has the potential to finally shakeup this All Stars season.

The Thursday, October 1 live eviction episode will not only be two hours long, but during the show U.S. BB's first ever triple eviction will take place. This is major news because while fans are used to the annual double eviction—where one week of Big Brother is played in a single hour, with two people going to jury by the end of the night—three people leaving the house at once is unprecedented. And it's guaranteed to shock the All Stars. So what does it mean? We'll speculate below.

How will Thursday's live triple eviction work?

To be honest, Julie didn't go into a lot of detail, so we're not exactly sure. Again, we've never seen this happen in U.S. Big Brother history. But superfans will recognize the triple eviction twist from Canadian Big Brother, where it took place during seasons 3, 5, and 6.

If CBS takes note from our neighbors to the North, this means that following the initial eviction, the HOH competition will take place. The winner will then have to nominate three players, with the Veto taking place afterwards. Following the Veto ceremony, the remaining houseguests—minus the HOH—will vote for which one of the three nominees they want to save. The two players with the least votes will walk out the door.

Photo credit: CBS
Photo credit: CBS

There's also the potential of production taking full advantage of the two-hour time slot and playing out a full two weeks of Big Brother 22 in two hours. That means the typical eviction, followed by: an HOH comp, nomination ceremony, Veto comp, Veto ceremony, and finally the live eviction. Then, they'll repeat all of that a second time. Yes, it sounds exhausting.

And then there's the chance that neither of the above possibilities play out at all, with production finding another unexpected way to pull off the twist. We'll have to wait until Thursday to know for sure.

Who will be evicted during the triple eviction?

As we like to say in the Big Brother world, expect the unexpected. But unfortunately, this season has been disappointingly predictable, with The Committee dominating the season and taking out favorites like Janelle, Keesha, Kaysar, and Ian one by one.

And spoiler alert, this week's HOH winner is Cody, and unless he decides to switch up the game, he's likely to nominate David and Kevin for eviction, with the goal of having Kevin leave if he does not win the Veto. But his secondary targets are his alliance members.

Following Kevin and David, the next person who is most likely to be targeted is Dani. She's been on many houseguests' radars for weeks, and the triple eviction may be their time to get her out.

Tyler is also a strong competitor, so some may see Thursday as their chance to evict him. As for the people who are unlikely to be targeted at all? Enzo, Cody, and Memphis have all positioned themselves incredibly well in the house and are very unlikely to be nominated by anybody. Nicole F. and Christmas are somewhere in the middle, and would be welcome evictees for fans, but they could either skate by or end up on the block. Neither would be surprising.

What do fans think of the twist?

While many Twitter fans were disheartened by a lackluster couple of weeks—and even resorted to yelling spoilers to the houseguests to spice things up—a triple eviction has left many with mixed feelings as they contemplate giving BB22 another shot. Particularly if it means they'll see their least favorite players leave the game.

Thursday can't come fast enough.

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