The 'best thing I've ever bought': This battery-heated jacket is on sale — but only until midnight

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man in parka and furry hat holding shovel in blizzard
These heated winter jackets are on sale right now on Amazon Canada, but only for today (Photo via Getty)

As many cities across Canada continue to weather winter storm and blizzard warnings, it has, unsurprisingly, left many to reevaluate the quality of their winter gear. From coats and boots to gloves and accessories, there's nothing like 60cm of snow to remind you that your current outdoor attire isn't up to snuff.

Luckily, Amazon Canada is offering shoppers the chance to save up to 30 per cent on battery-powered heated winter gear from Venustas, including men's and women's winter jackets, as part of their latest Deal of the Day.

However, there's a catch. To save on warm winter clothes, you'll have to hurry. This limited-time sale is only available until tonight at midnight PST (3 a.m. EST).

Venustas Men's Heated Jacket with Battery Pack

Venustas Heated Jacket with Battery Pack 5V in black with orange heated areas
Venustas Heated Jacket with Battery Pack (Photo via Amazon Canada)

$140 $200 at Amazon

The details

The electric insulated coat uses ultra-thin carbon fibre heating elements across the shoulders, back, and chest in order to provide gentle warmth. The battery-operated heating system offers up to 10 hours of use on a single charge, so you can enjoy the outdoors all day without worrying about losing power. Venustas offers both unisex, men's and women's sizes that allow the wearer to choose from three different heat settings with just the press of a button.

Despite their high-tech heating, the jackets are actually a low-maintenance article of clothing and can be thrown into the washer and dryer along with the rest of your laundry.

'Fit for Canadian winters'

The Venustas men's heated jacket has earned an average rating of 4.3 stars based on more than 270 customer reviews. Amazon shoppers cannot say "enough good things" about the coat and "highly recommend" it, especially if you "live in a freezing area."

Within seconds of turning it on, "you feel your body is heated," writes one reviewer. Even without turning on the battery, it "holds body [warmth] very well."

It's "perfect for walking the dog," writes another shopper. In Alberta, dog walking can be a "chilly chore," however, this jacket helps keep my "upper body cozy warm," even on the medium setting.

It's the "best thing I've ever bought," raves one reviewer. "I was always cold in the winter," but this jacket "keeps me warm," and I can go for walks "without freezing."

All in all, shoppers say it's a "great product" that's "fit for Canadian winters."

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While the reviews mostly lean positive, there are still some things to consider before you buy. Some shoppers have said that it's important to follow the size guide and size up if you want a looser fit to layer winter clothing. Others have said that the jacket was "thinner than expected" and have said that if you're planning to use the jacket on its highest temperature setting, expect to only have about two to three hours of battery power at a time.

model in black and orange Venustas Women's Down Heated Jacket (Photo via Amazon)
Venustas Women's Down Heated Jacket (Photo via Amazon)

$140 $200 at Amazon


If you're looking for an innovative way to brave winter temperatures comfortably, Venustas battery-powered heated jacket might be for you. However, if you're planning to spend all day outside in sub-zero temperatures, you may want to opt for a thicker jacket, since the battery charge won't last beyond 10 hours at the lowest temperature setting.

This limited time offer is ending soon— so you'll have to act fast if you want to take advantage of Amazon Canada's latest deal!

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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