Batman vs. Joker and a Shark in Gotham City Surf Contest (Watch)

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We thought there'd never be a feud in surfing as exciting as the one between rival world champs Kelly Slater and Andy Irons.

We thought there'd never be a heat as riveting as their 2005 J-Bay stand off.

Until now. And it's when Batman surfed against the Joker in 1967.

Michael Warburton posted the above clip on X (FKA Twitter), captioning it:

"Batman and The Joker take each other on - in a surfing competition. Bonkers. Love it."

According to IMDB, "the Joker plans to become the king of surfing, hoping the fame will give him control over the hearts and minds of Gotham City. He captures top surfer Skip Parker, then uses his "Surfing Experience & Ability Transferometer" to transfer the needed skills and stamina from Skip to himself. "

In the clip above, the ocean is super glassy and the waves are small.

Batman and the Joker are both suited up and ready to rip. Joker's in his signature pink suit, while Batman's rockin' the Batsuit with yellow Hawaiian print boardshorts over it.

As the crowd cheers them on, Batman challenges Joker:

"Well, into the soup?" he asks.

"Why not, it's a shore break surf, not too long a paddle to the peak!" says joker.

Soon, they're both knee paddling into waves and the heat is on.

Here's some more Batman era surf slang we heard from the spectators.

"Joker's good, what a kick turn!"

"But watch Batman trimming!"

"Joker's shuffling, now he's cutting back to meet the curl."

"He caught it, he's riding a hook!"

"Shark's gone, and Joker's starting an island pull out."

"Batman's doing a nose pullout!"

"Cowabunga, cowabunga!"

A shark even surfaces during the heat. True to form, Batman's prepared with "shark repellent quick spray."

"A simple deal, thanks to the shark repellent bat spray in my utility belt," Batman says later.

Do yourself a favor and press play above to see who wins.


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