Make bathtime a blast with these DIY pool noodle Froot Loops

Pool noodles continue to prove their DIY adaptability in this TikTok parent’s bath toy tutorial, and bathtime just got a whole lot more fun!

From a sprinkler system to Halloween decor, pool noodles continue to hit it out of the park and pool when it comes to all things DIY. TikToker Celena Kinsey (@celenakinsey) discovered that cutting pool noodles into smaller foam circles to look like pretend Froot Loops makes for some major bathtime fun.

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Kinsey recently shared a video on TikTok featuring a tutorial for making the Froot Loop bath amusement, and viewers got quite the kick out of the cereal bath.

The clip opens with Kinsey instructing viewers to purchase an array of dollar store pool noodles as she walks into the frame holding her bundle.

A shot of Kinsey drawing a bath is followed by footage of her tossing each batch of foam Fruit Loops in the water, color by color.

After cutting up the pool noodles and throwing them into a bathtub or kiddie pool, Kinsey recommends giving kids a ladle to scoop up the Froot Loops while playing in the “giant noodle pit.”

Tinashe is calling the shots:

Over footage of Kinsey pouring water into a row of longer pool noodles, she explains that kids can also use the noodles as pipes.

Kinsey demonstrates in the following footage that kids can also make patterns or build towers with the pool noodle bits, before the video comes to a close.

Viewers were delighted by Kinsey’s clever craft, and many got a craving for the beloved colorful cereal with the talking toucan mascot.

“I am an adult. This is for me, not my kids,” one user sort of joked.

“Man, I wanna do that for me! Who says adults can’t play in the bath?” chimed in another TikToker.

“I’ll be back. I’m going to go eat some Froot Loops right now,” shared one hungry viewer.

Considering the nostalgic yearnings for Froot Loops in the comments, it’s not surprising that Kinsey’s bathtime hack was just as exciting for adults as it is for kids.

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