Bath Trays Are Trending This Holiday Season—Shop 5 Luxurious Styles Under $50

Summer Cartwright
·3 min read

This year has been a stressful mess (to put it lightly).

So, it makes sense that one relaxing gift idea is trending just in time for the holiday season. Searches for bath trays have increased by 100 percent on Google this week, and are rising on Pinterest, as well.

Any bath lover could make great use of these tranquil tables, especially if they like to bring accessories, candles, or electronics in with them during their home spa time. The caddies keep everything upright and within view, and can help allow for an even more relaxing time. A warm soak, Netflix, and a glass of wine (or cup of rich hot cocoa) are pretty much the trifecta for tuning out busy workdays and stressful schedules.

Scroll on to see five bath trays that will arrive before Christmas.

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Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Tray

Large enough to be used by two, this expandable bamboo caddy comes with two trays that are big enough to hold everything from iPhones to iPads. The intricate details of this table make it a standout. It comes with detachable trays, phone trays, and wine glass holders. Plus, these sections include silicone grips to ensure stability.

More than 7,000 people have given this tray an average 4.7-star rating. Many reviews compliment its durability and craftsmanship.

“The design is extremely well thought-out and has a spot for everything,” wrote one shopper. The craftsmanship is beautiful and has held up extremely well. Wood is smooth and the caddy is adjustable based on your tub size. Really could not recommend this more, has made my tub times even more enjoyable!”