Bat-Eared Fox Mom at San Diego Zoo Is the Ultimate Single Mother

In the wild, bat-eared foxes typically co-parent their young; but sadly that isn't the case for single mom Winter at the San Diego Zoo. Her kits' father passed away, but she's doing amazing raising her little ones with no other foxes around.

This species will sometimes raise young with one father, up to three mothers, and all of their offspring, so Winter has gladly accepted helping hands from the wildlife care specialists at the zoo. Even though everyone is thriving, this family's story of resiliency touches our hearts.

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What gorgeous animals! Their large ears are so much fun to look at, and we just love their tiny eyes. Of course, we feel so sad about the death of the babies' father, but we're sure the zoo staff are doing everything they can to help Winter keep track of the little ones. Still, she looks a little tired if you ask us!

"She says, 'can the wildlife care specialists help a little more?!'” joked commenter @miscellaniyous. No kidding! Every parent feels that way sometimes, but even the San Diego Zoo staff agree that the fox kits "are still a handful."

The lil' ones might be completely chaotic at times, but they're also adorable. t's no wonder why these fox kits went viral on TikTok in June! In fact, the playful bat-eared fox babies sparked a curiosity that led to the zoo posting several more videos starring the family.

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They're precious! This fox breed is native to African savannas and scrublands, where they can find insects all around them. San Diego might be a different environment, but the zoo has given these bat-eared foxes everything they need to thrive.

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