Baskin-Robbins' November Flavor Marries All Your Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

Turkey Day Fixin's ice cream
Turkey Day Fixin's ice cream - Baskin-Robbins

Move over pumpkin pie -- Baskin Robbins just released the newest flavor of the month, and your guests will definitely be asking for it after a helping of turkey and mashed potatoes. According to a press release made by the ice cream company, the newest November flavor of the month is directly inspired by all the supporting characters on a Thanksgiving table. Turkey Day Fixin's is made with "sweet potato and autumn spice ice creams mixed with honey cornbread pieces and swirls of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce." This unique scoop of ice cream will have bits of sweet and savory, just like a plate on Thanksgiving day.

Fortunately for lovers of this delicious holiday, you don't need to wait until the fourth Thursday in November to enjoy all your favorite side dishes: Starting November 1, this flavor will be available to try all month long. The company's newest scoop is the perfect post-dinner treat, especially since it will remind you of the dinner you just enjoyed. Or you could really surprise guests with a fresh packed quart of this complex ice cream -- although it's probably best to check with your host before bringing ice cream to the table instead of actual Thanksgiving sides like sweet potatoes, cornbread, and cranberry sauce. When in doubt, bring both.

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Fool Your Dinner Guests With This Extra-Realistic Turkey Ice Cream Cake

Turkey Ice Cream cake
Turkey Ice Cream cake - Baskin-Robbins

Not only is Baskin-Robbins offering customers all the iconic Thanksgiving sides in ice cream form, but you can get your hands on an entire turkey, too. The ever-Instagramable turkey ice cream cake has returned to Baskin-Robbins this year, sitting in a bed of icing piped to look like greens and two turkey booties for those who call dibs on the legs. The outer layer of the Turkey ice cream cake is actually caramel praline glaze, although it may take a few minutes before you are convinced that it's not a bird hot and fresh out of the oven.

Dessert before dinner may not feel as strange when you and your guests are digging into a turkey ice cream cake. According to the press release, the crowd-pleasing confection is available for purchase online. Keep in mind that it takes up to 48 hours from the time your order was placed for the pros at Baskin-Robbins to expertly craft your turkey cake. You can choose between many different ice cream flavor options, and add your own festive message to the platter that guests may catch a glimpse of before tearing into this festive dessert. Whether you prefer the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner or just the sides, Baskin-Robbins has the perfect dessert for you this November.

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