Baskin-Robbins' August Flavor Of The Month Is "Mom's Makin' Cookies," Which Are Two Things We Love

Joseph Neese
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Photo credit: Baskin-Robbins
Photo credit: Baskin-Robbins

From Delish

With the launch of its magical Creature Creations, the legendary house of 31 flavors, aka Baskin-Robbins, recently introduced a whole new way for kids to enjoy dessert. Edible shapes transformed ice cream into three fun creatures: a mermaid with a blue and purple tail, a monster with a black and orange eye, and a unicorn with a multi-colored horn.

Now, there's a new flavor in town for moms and their little ones to enjoy, because it's not fair for kids t0 have all of the fun. Back this August as Flavor of the Month is "Mom's Makin' Cookies." Originally launched in 2014 in honor of Mother's Day, the all-time favorite is a secret recipe that gives you the combination of the brown sugar and chocolate flavors you expect from a real chocolate chip cookie.

This new flavor packs four elements of flavor. First, there's a rich and buttery brown sugar-flavored ice cream. Next, there are chewy chocolate chip cookie pieces, which you'll get in every bite. But because you can never have enough chocolate in your cookies, this dessert is also packed with extra chocolate chips. Finally, there's a cookie dough batter flavored ribbon, which is supposed to resemble the white sugar texture of raw batter. The only difference? This is safe to eat raw, as well as while mom's looking.

As always, you can order from Baskin-Robbins online via Doordash. While you're at it, you should throw one of the brand's ice cream pizzas into your cart. Two are inspired by iconic treats: Oreo Cookies and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Each ice cream pizza comes pre-sliced, which means you can enjoy it just like the real thing.

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