Baseball in 2020: Cubs star Anthony Rizzo gives out hand sanitizer at first base

If you’re looking for the opening day moment that best exemplified playing baseball during the coronavirus pandemic, Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo gave it to us.

Playing first base in the Cubs’ opening day game against the Milwaukee Brewers, Rizzo pulled some hand sanitizer from his pocket after Orlando Arcia singled in the third inning. Talk about a welcoming host.

As cute as moment as it was, it’s also a reminder of just what is going on in the world right now. As baseball begins its 60-game shortened season, there’s bound to be as much hand sanitizer in the dugout as there are baseballs.

Rizzo is both a fun guy and a guy with a good heart. He’s one of baseball’s best humanitarians — often visiting sick kids in the hospital and making donations through his foundation to worthwhile causes. During the MLB shutdown, Rizzo’s team often fed frontline hospital workers in Chicago.

So it makes sense that (1.) Rizzo would have hand sanitizer on him, (2.) offer it to a player on the other team and (3.) have some fun on the field on opening day.

Good work, Rizzo. Stay safe out there!

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