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Bartender says she accidentally revealed customer’s affair: ‘You’re under no obligation to play along’

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TikToker and bartender Cayley Yanko (@imacayk) recalls the time she accidentally spilled the beans on a customer’s affair, and viewers didn’t hold back on sharing their thoughts about exposing someone’s infidelity.

Whether it’s a fight or an extramarital affair, bartenders see a lot on the job. Yanko attests to this in a two-part video saga in which she claims to have accidentally exposed a man’s affair while working, sparking a debate among viewers over the moral obligation to tell someone that their partner is cheating.

In the clip, Yanko explains that while working at the restaurant where she was bartending, she had a pair of regular customers come at the same time every Wednesday for several months and order the same drinks during each visit.

Throughout her experience as a bartender, Yanko has learned how to spot an affair. After seeing the customers’ behavior toward each other, she suspected they were having one, even though both wore wedding bands and referred to each other as “friends.”

During one visit, when the man left early, the woman and the bartender struck up a conversation.

“I became therapist Cayley,” Yanko jokes. The woman told Yanko that she’s divorcing her husband, and her “friend” is helping her with finances. The woman also confessed that she has known the man since childhood, is in love with him and wants him to leave his wife.

In the second part of the story, Yanko says the woman told her that her “friend” and love interest thought Yanko was pretty. Apparently, this led to an argument between the woman and the man, which is why he left early.

After this incident, Yanko says she didn’t see the pair return again until one night when she was bartending without her glasses or contact lenses, and the man approached the bar with a person she thought was the same woman from before.

Yanko says she greeted the pair with familiarity since she had been serving them for a couple of months. However, she says the man pretended he didn’t know who she was. Convinced she’s making cocktails for the same pair she’s been seeing every Wednesday, Yanko asks them if they want the usual.

Yanko says that at that point, the woman looked up from her phone, then looked at her husband with an upset expression before heading to a table where she sat and continued to look “pissed.” Yanko says that her co-bartender later told her that the woman sitting with the man was not the woman who usually accompanies him, but rather his wife.

TikTok viewers had thoughts

Yanko’s piping hot tea had viewers feeling heated.

“What happens in the dark always comes to light. You’re under no obligation to play along,” one user commented.

“Why would he take his wife to the same bar he takes his affair to?” asked one TikToker.

“Eh, he blew it for himself, not only by cheating but also by being SUPER sloppy about it,” one viewer stated.

Overall, viewers believed that justice was served even though it was unintentional.

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