Barbra Streisand Announces Release of Album She Recorded in the '60s

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Barbra Streisand will drop her unreleased album 'Live at the Bon Soir' on Nov. 4.

Barbra Streisand is about to grace her fans with new music—or should we say old music. 

The Grammy-winning artist, 80, has announced that she will be dropping an unreleased album later this fall, entitled Live at the Bon Soir, which was originally recorded in 1962. 

The announcement was shared to Streisand's official Instagram account on Friday, Sept. 23, along with a glimpse of the vintage-style album artwork. The post also features an audio preview of the first track, titled "Cry Me A River," off the upcoming album. 

The caption on the Instagram post revealed that the album was initially intended to be her debut album after signing with Columbia Records back in the '60s. 

Now, almost exactly 60 years later, Streisand will be blessing her longtime fans with a blast form the past, which was recorded at a small Greenwich Village nightclub in New York City back in November 1962.

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"I had never even been in a nightclub until I sang in one," the singer writes in the liner notes, per People. "I sang two songs in a talent contest at a little club called The Lion and won, which led to being hired at a more sophisticated supper club around the club called the Bon Soir, with an actual stage and a spotlight." 

"The buzz that began at the Bon Soir led to a contract with Columbia Records in 1962, the start of a long association that continues to this day," she continued. "The initial plan for my first album was to record it at the club, and these early tapes have been sleeping in my vault for six decades. I'm delighted to finally bring them out into the light and share what could have been my debut album, Live at the Bon Soir." 

The album—which includes 24 tracks—will be available on Nov. 4, in digital versions as well as a CD version with a 32-page booklet featuring Streisand's liner notes and a vinyl. 

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