Barbie-inspired home has wall-to-ceiling pink shag carpet that requires daily vacuuming: 'People think I'm crazy'

A TikToker’s pink penthouse with a shag interior has become all the rage.

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Interior designer Charlie Leanna Murphy lives in a home fit for Barbie. Her entire bedroom is covered in floor-to-ceiling pink tones, complete with ornate chandeliers and eye-catching retro pieces.

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The San Marcos, Texas, home is inspired by old Hollywood actress Jayne Mansfield (you know, the woman Sophia Loren is side-eyeing in that infamous photo). Mansfield’s home was known as the “Pink Palace” because of its pink shag floors, walls and ceilings.

Murphy shares the interior of her pink penthouse on TikTok with her over 229,000 followers.

“Not tonight, bestie. The walls need vacuuming,” Murphy said in a TikTok.

In the clip, you see every inch of her walls and ceiling covered in the same rosy pink shag. Her bedding is a baby pink shag, positioned under a giant gold chandelier.

The bedroom is a drastic change from the bare white walls and dark hardwood floors that it used to be.

And while the pink shag is glamorous, it does require regular trimming and vacuuming.

“I vacuum every day. I’ve even taken my shampoo and blow-dry so it doesn’t mildew,” Murphy said, according to Insider. “If I were to not vacuum in here for a week, first, the dust would be gross, and two, the shag sheds. I’ve done all kinds of stuff to it to try to get it not to shed, but it does all the time.”

It cost Murphy about $5,000 to transform her bedroom into a shag palace. Some of the decor is vintage, like her two bedside light fixtures, while others, like her glitter door, she created using supplies from Home Depot and Hobby Lobby.

While Murphy is happy with her home, she often gets mixed reviews, she said. “People think I’m crazy, or they love it.”

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