Barbara Eden Shares Exactly What She Does to Stay Healthy at 90

If you had a genie in a bottle, one of the things you'd potentially ask for is the secret to eternal youth. And while you might not have a lamp to rub to find out, Barbara Eden, the star of the classic TV series I Dream of Jeannie, just turned 90 on Aug. 23 and in a new interview with Closer, she's sharing what she does to stay healthy into her 10th decade. From what she eats to how she feeds her soul to how she gets her steps in, read on to find out Eden's secrets, now that she's the big 9-0.

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She eats a diet full of proteins and vegetables, but she doesn't deprive herself.

Eden told Closer she's "a carnivore," and she eats "a lot of pork, chicken, [and] steak." But she's sure to balance those proteins with vegetables. "I'm very careful about [my] diet," the 90-year-old icon said.

As much as Eden watches what she eats, she says she and her husband Jon Eicholtz also don't deprive themselves of sweets. "We don't stint ourselves on desserts," she told Closer, noting gumdrops and marshmallow circus peanuts are some of her favorites. "They're really good," Eden said. "They're a holdover from my childhood."

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She walks, spins, and lifts weights.

Eden has had the same workout routine for at least a decade. In 2013, she told Inside Edition, "I work out three times a week, I spin, and I also lift weights." Eden told People around the same time that she does weight training for one reason in particular, "It's important to lift weights for your bones."

To get her steps in these days, Eden told Closer, "I walk a lot." That's her main source of cardio since she's had to put her more formal workouts on hold due to COVID. "I was spinning and I had a trainer," Eden told the magazine. "But I haven't done that now [in] over a year."

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She takes care of her skin.

Eden also is sure to practice good skincare habits, which means limiting what she puts on her face and never leaving the house without SPF. "I don't go out without sunscreen," she told Closer. "I don't wear makeup unless I'm working."

In terms of products, the actor said she depends on Cetaphil for cleansing and Estee Lauder for repair. "They have [serum] drops [called] line repair," Eden said. "I use that morning and night."

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And she's sure to surround herself with love and laughter.

But it's not just food, exercise, and creams that keep Eden sprightly; it's the people she surrounds herself with, too. She has experienced serious tragedy in her life—her only child, Matthew Ansara, died from a drug overdose in 2001 at the age of 35—so she cherishes the family she has.

"I think I'm really lucky to have a happy marriage. And a sister I adore. Family is very important," Eden told Closer. "I think if you have it you're really lucky."

She said she also has a small group of friends she leans on. "I don't have a lot, but the ones I do have are really good friends," Eden noted. "I think it's important [to surround yourself with people that] keep active and have good senses of humor."

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