Barack Obama Recalls His Marriage With Michelle Almost Ending During His Presidential Run

Jason Pham
·1 min read

The Obamas may be one of America’s favorite first couples, but there was a time when Barack Obama and Michelle Obama almost broke up during his presidential run.

In Barack’s new memoir, A Promised Land, the former President of the United States recalled how his marriage took a turn for the worse when he told Michelle he wanted to run for president. In the book, Barack wrote about how he excitedly sat down with his wife to tell her about his presidential plans. But instead of joy, Barack recalled Michelle locking herself in a room and refusing to talk to him.

“She gave me a hard look and got up from the couch. ‘God, Barack…When is it going to be enough?'” Barack wrote. “Before I could answer, she’d gone into the bedroom and closed the door.”

Barack revealed that their relationship didn’t...

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