Bam Margera’s Ex Is Suing For Child Support, Court Docs Reveal The Sum Asked From The Jackass Star

 Bam Margera and Nikki Boyd in 2014
Bam Margera and Nikki Boyd in 2014

The Jackass crew have been public figures for decades now, and they’ve grown up right in front of our eyes. Bam Margera has made countless headlines over the last few years, mostly related to his legal issues and former feud with the rest of the Jackass cast. He’s also in the midst of a legal/custody battle with his ex Nikki Boyd, which is playing out in front of our eyes. Margera’s ex is suing for child support, and court documents reveal the sum asked from him.

Bam Margera and Nikki Boyd were married back in 2013, and have a son together named Phoenix. But the TV personality/skateboarder has been kept away from his son due to a screaming match that resulted in Bam being arrested for public intoxication. And according to docs obtained by TMZ, his ex is asking for $15k a month in child support, among other requests.

This request comes months after Nikki Boyd claimed that Margera wasn’t providing any financial assistance with their son. In addition to the monthly request of $15k, she’s also fighting for sole custody of Phoenix. She’s reportedly open to Margera having visitation, but wants it to be supervised and after he’s gotten treatment for substance abuse issues.

Bam Margera’s ex is also asking for another sum of money in the form of $50k in order to pay for legal fees related to this case. She claims he’s worth millions, and therefore should have the money available. We’ll just have to wait and see if anyone from his team responds to this latest legal shakeup.

Bam Margera on the red carpet in 2012

The former couple has been going back and forth lately, both privately and in public forums. Bam Margera even claimed that their marriage wasn’t legal, and that the documents were never filed after they got home from their 2013 wedding. Only time will tell how it all goes out in court, and if Nikki Boyd’s financial and custody requests are granted.

This battle in court is only the latest example of Bam Margera making headlines due to his personal life. Aside from the public intoxication arrest, he’s had a number of other legal issues. Margera recently went missing in PA when avoiding police, although he later turned himself in. He similarly fled rehab previously, before being located and brought back. Then there was Bam’s recent domestic violence charge for allegedly kicking a woman.

As previously mentioned, Margera also went viral for his on and off again feud with the rest of the Jackass cast. He took umbrage with being left out of Jackass Forever, and made a number of disparaging comments about the crew. While things eventually calmed down, Bam challenged Johnny Knoxville to a fight back in April.

We’ll just have to see how Bam Margera and Nikki Boyd’s litigation ultimately plays out. Be sure to check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.