How Bam Margera Allegedly Responded After Lamar Odom Invited Him To His Rehab Center Again

 Bam Margera and Lamar Odom
Bam Margera and Lamar Odom

After he was reported missing and his brother asked the public to help find him, Bam Margera was located earlier this week. The Jackass alum was reportedly located in Los Angeles, where he allegedly acted erratically when they took him in. Margera was ultimately placed on a psychiatric hold due to his actions. Shortly after, his brother, Jess said he could be sent to one of the multiple rehabilitation centers belonging to former NBA player Lamar Odom. Sources now say that Odom has since reached out to the embattled star to extend an invitation, and they also provided details on how Margera apparently reacted.

Lamar Odom previously reached out to the MTV alum back in April following one of the latter’s more recent arrests. The two-time NBA champion, at the time, stated that “if his problem is alcohol and drugs,” he’d have no problem offering the stuntman a bed. Bam Margera eventually responded to Odom, saying that he wanted help. Though the back-and-forth seemingly didn’t go any further than that at the time.

Following the Viva La Bam star’s latest unfortunate incident, the sports veteran seems even more keen on providing assistance. The Khloé & Lamar, who’s had his experiences with addiction, star went to see the famed skateboarder while he was in the hospital, per insiders for TMZ. He apparently paid the visit this past Tuesday to extend the same offer. The news outlet claims that the troubled media personality seemed keen on accepting the proposition, and the two men apparently embraced for a hug. What’s more, this time around, he apparently mentioned that he really wants to get clean so that he can see his son, Phoenix.

Bam Margera is currently in the middle of a contentious divorce from his ex, Nikki Boyd. Amid the proceedings, Margera has said his former partner won’t let him see his son, which is one reason why he allegedly wants the divorce thrown out. Boyd purportedly cut off his contact with Phoenix after a screaming incident involving the star went viral. On top of all that, Boyd is suing Margera for child support and is reportedly seeking a sum of $15k per month.

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One would think that a rehabilitation center would be the best course of action for the celebrity, with his current situation in mind. However, during the past year or so, he’s served other stints in facilities that haven’t been too successful. He most notably went missing around this time last year after exiting a wellness location in Florida and was found and taken back to rehab shortly after. Unfortunately, he went missing again less than two weeks later only to be returned to his place of residence yet again.

Despite his issues, a number of people have been reaching out to provide assistance, aside from Lamar Odom. Some of his former Jackass cohorts, particularly Steve-O, have attempted to reach out, though their efforts have apparently been unsuccessful. Members of the Margera family have also shared thoughts during this time. In addition to Jess, his and Bam’s mom, April, reached out while he was missing early this year, saying that she loves her son and only wants to help him.

It now seems that Bam Margera has a prime opportunity to help himself, thanks to the kindness of Lamar Odom. You can only hope that this might mark a turning point for the once fan-favorite star. We wish him the best as he continues to make his way towards a potential recovery.