Balloons Carrying Victims' Names Released at Site of Beirut Blast

Balloons bearing the names of the victims of the devastating August 4 explosion at Beirut port were released into the sky near the blast site two months on, as family members, friends and survivors demanded justice.

At least 200 people were killed in the August 4 blast. Thousands were injured, and around 300,000 people were made homeless.

Those who gathered at the port were demanding progress in the investigation of the blast. Last month, Amnesty International criticized Lebanon’s investigation process as “neither independent nor impartial” and said only an international investigation could deliver justice for victims.

French journalist Alexandre Hodicq, who recorded this footage, said those present, “were above all moved but also angry that the investigation and the formation of the new government did not advance.” Credit: Alexandre Hodicq via Storyful