Baldur’s Gate 3 Act 2 Cut Content Almost Changed The Game

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One piece of Baldur’s Gate 3 cut content almost changed how the entire last third of Larian’s RPG unfolded thanks to a single character: Ketheric Thorm. Larian studio head Swen Vincke told IGN in a recent interview that the team originally included an option to recruit Thorm at the end of Act 2, depending on how you handle his final speech.

“If you play the game and there's a moment where you can convince him and you can see that a moment where he breaks, that moment led to recruitment normally," Vincke said. "We cut that out when we were rescoped. It was part of the fixing of Act 2 when we were stuck on it. That was what happened in the rescoping.”

Vincke said the idea was that Thorm would accompany you to Baldur’s Gate and provide information on Gortash and Orin for you. He didn’t say whether that would have changed Act 3’s murder mystery story and the way you learn about Gortash’s Iron Throne, though with such a ready source of behind-the-scenes info at hand, it sounds like you would’ve potentially missed out on a lot in the city.

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That’s without even considering how much more complex it would make balancing alliances with the two remaining stone holders or whether letting Thorm live fits with Dame Aylin's motivations.

The news is, perhaps, unsurprising, though. Act 2 and Moonrise Towers in particular are littered with stories of the Thorm family’s tragedy that document Ketheric’s fall from Selune’s grace and the reasons he turned to Shar. It all leads to a final confrontation that, depending on how you handle it, makes it seem almost likely that he’ll join you or at least repent – before disaster strikes.

Speaking of cut content, Vincke also said the team originally planned to send you to Candlekeep, Vlaakith’s palace, and hell – well, other parts of hell outside Raphael’s house, anyway. Rumors about Avernus and the hells being taken out of the game at the last minute swirled on Reddit after BG3 launched in August 2023, but it sounds like these tidbits about a bigger game were taken out of context. Vincke said the team decided these extra areas were too small and not fun to explore, so while some of their portals remain in Raphael’s house, the actual locations got the axe.

Larian is moving on from BG3 in the near future, but the team still has a few updates in store – including new endings for evil playthroughs.