Baking Projects To Take on Every Week in April

Zoe Denenberg

Make use of your spare time and challenge yourself in the kitchen this April. We’ve created a month-long baking challenge that will help you hone your skills and test out some of Southern Living’s all-time favorite recipes. There are two baking projects per week, which gives you just enough time to polish off that batch of cookies before you move onto the next baking adventure. We’ve organized these projects to increase in difficulty as the month rolls on, so by the end of April, you’ll be a total master in the kitchen. The month starts off with our Easiest Peanut Butter Cookies—which only require 4 ingredients—and concludes with a show-stopping Caramel-Frosted Pound Cake. Of course, we’ve included some special Easter desserts to make it a celebration to remember. From cookies to cupcakes, these recipes are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Each of these recipes holds a special place in our heart, and soon enough you’ll see why.