Bail reduced

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli got their bail significantly reduced in the college admissions scandal case. The Full House star, 55, and her fashion designer husband, 56, each posted $1 million bonds in March 2019 and have since pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges. They are awaiting sentencing.

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  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt on playing a cop in a post-George Floyd world

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a police officer named Frank in the new Netflix movie “Project Power.” While the film was shot two years ago, recent events like the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent protests that roiled the nation have cast the police - and their portrayals in TV and film - in a new light. “This movie does portray a police officer who’s not a perfect person,” the actor said of his character. “But ultimately I think he’s coming from a good place. And I still like to think that most cops are coming from a good place.” But Gordon-Levitt points out that recent abuses by the police have made a re-evaluation necessary. “There’s too many examples of these tragic, brutal circumstances where [police] are not being helpful at all and they’re not being held responsible for those actions.” He went on to say that Hollywood’s depiction of cops depends largely on tropes and might promote an inaccurate and harmful image. “These tropes build up of the heroic, brutally violent cop saving the day and that’s probably not the most helpful story to keep telling.”

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  • 'Black-ish' creator explains why controversial episode was shelved

    On 'The Daily Show' Thursday night, Kenya Barris, the creator of 'Black-ish' discussed the controversial episode about racism in America that, until now, had not been allowed to air as it was shelved by ABC in 2018. The episode, titled "Please, Baby, Please," which is now available to stream on Hulu, tackles racial injustice include the Charlottesville white supremacist rally and NFL players kneeling in protest against police violence. On why the episode was shelved in the first place, Barris stated, "I guess there were creative differences in why it was shelved. I think that it was a really interesting time in Disney's, sort of, growth and, at the same time, it was an interesting time in our country's growth, and it was the most blatantly partisan episode of 'Black-ish' we had ever done." Barris said that, at the time, he was unwilling to put out the episode if it were changed and ABC was unwilling to put it out if it was not changed. However, after the network re-aired two episodes surrounding racial injustice in June, Barris had a very "honest" conversation with the Chairman of Disney, Bob Iger, in which the two came to an understanding that now is the right time for the shelved episode to see the light of day, and Barris could not be more thrilled to "start a conversation."

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