Miley Cyrus’s New Role Model is a Coachella-Bound 86-Year-Old Insta Star Who Just Landed Her First Fashion Campaign

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@baddiewinkle / Instagram

They say age is just a number. And who better to prove that idiom true than Baddie Winkle, the 86-year-old Kentucky-based Instagram sensation who just landed her first fashion campaign. It’s not for Estee Lauder (that’s Kendall Jenner’s territory), or Balmain (which features Kimye kissing). Instead, it’s for Dimepiece LA’s “State of Mind” project.

The California brand aims to “empower the fashion industry with a lifestyle comprised of girl power and leading-edge street style.” Their new festival-themed campaign features Winkle showing off everything from a black one-piece bathing suit to mesh tunics (embroidered with marijuana leaves) holding up pineapples and lounging poolside. Photographed by Nikko la Meer, she even throws up a couple of piece signs while modeling oversized black sunglasses; make no mistake, this nearly 90-year-old is very young at heart. Winkle says she teamed up with Dimepiece LA to “prove, once again, that you’re never too old to be the baddest bish in the room.”

We couldn’t have said it any better; Winkle’s Instagram is up to par with the campaign images. She shows off graphic tie-dye tees with slogans like “booty is love” in her selfies, snaps close ups of her festival-ready face jewelry, and shares candid shots of herself eating an ice cream bar in a Yeezy-printed sweatshirt. It’s hard to believe Coachella-bound Winkle’s scratching on a century.


@baddiewinkle / Instagram

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Winkle, who will be featured on an Indio, CA billboard just outside Coachella’s grounds, has found a friend in Miley Cyrus. Or, to be more specific, MyCy has found a role model in Winkle. She took to Instagram to say:

“Happy people stay young forevvvvaaa and evaaaaa <3 every age, size, shape, and gender is beauuuuuttttyyyyy & bad a$$! Fuck yeah Dimepiece for celebrating coooooooool a$$ humannnnn beinnngz!@baddiewinkle for being a bad a$$ role model for all of us!!!!!!”

While Dimepiece LA may not be a high fashion brand, they’re totally on trend—and not just because of their trendy collection. Some of the most notable brands have recruited women of a certain age to front their campaigns over the past year, from Joan Didion fronting Celine to Kate Spade, which tapped 93-year-old Iris Apfel, and Saint Laurent, which shot Joni Mitchell. We’re with Miley on this one: Every age, size, shape, and gender is beauty and badass!

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