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'bad ones' Singer Tate McRae Takes On The Expensive Taste Test | Cosmopolitan

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'you broke me first' artist Tate McRae is very cool and also great at guessing whether or not things are expensive. Watch more Expensive Taste Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obZld44OS7E&list=PLrx4fxhgMUOaVOO0wpBzPzmcQOimxiBHv 💅 And maybe we mailed @Tate McRae a creepy mannequin head. Is that weird? Oh well, too late now. 😅 Stream her new ep 'too young to be sad": https://smarturl.it/tooyoungtobesad​ Love Cosmo? Then come join our ~ elite ~ members-only crew. Sign up for Cosmo Unlocked: cosmopolitan.com/joinnow 🔓

Video Transcript

TATE MCRAE: This head pops up into my mailbox. And I'm like, mom, send this back now. Hey, what's up, guys? It's Tate McRae here and today I'm playing Expensive Taste Test with "Cosmo".


TATE MCRAE: I'll get the weird one out of the way first. Oh no, I think this is going to taste like a pizza.


TATE MCRAE: Oh no. Nu-uh, that is not good. This is a legit pizza. Oh my God, that is disgusting. That is so gross.

It actually tastes like pizza. It tastes like-- Oh my God. No, because I had pizza last night for dinner. And it tastes the exact same, which is not a great thing for a candy.

Where did you find that? Next thing I'm going to taste is this thing. These are great. They just taste like candy and they're delicious. They don't have a pizza flavor.

These, someone must have made these expensive because they tastes like actual reason. I don't why someone would buy this. If you're into, like, hard-- hard pizza candies, you should get them. First point.


TATE MCRAE: Guys, these are hella heavy. They are not a normal gummy bear. But this has also been like a dream of mine, to taste one of these. I always see these the at store and my mom never lets me buy them.

When I was younger, like not now, but when I was younger. We have this guy. This is huge. Look at this. And then we also have the world's largest gummy bear.

Oh my God. Wow, these are gourmet gummies. How do I eat this? Do I get a fork and knife? I'm getting a fork and knife.

I got the utensils, guys. This is going to be brutal, just stabbed into this gummy bear. I got it. This is a piece of the foot.

That's actually not bad. That's the blue one. Tastes like a nice gummy bear, nice and good. I can't tell if it's expensive or not.

OK, this one I kind of have an expectation that this is going to be expensive, because it's really thick. I'm cutting off the ear. I love medicine cherry. That is some smooth gummy bear.

Super nice to bite into, really good texture, really good taste. Oh yeah. Also, based on like if I wanted to stand one of these up, this one sits like a pro.

Like he just-- and this one, like-- We're guessing that this guy's the expensive one. Am I right?


TATE MCRAE: We have headbands. I don't think I've worn a headband since second grade. OK. Feels like a solid hold on the head. Nothing too crazy.

Then we have this guy. Same leopard print. This hairstyle is not looking too hot with the headband. I'm guessing with, like, this fabric, it's a little more see-through.

I'm guessing that this one's cheaper. If I were to go like this, this one feels better. I think. I'm guessing that this one's more expensive.

Am I right? That makes sense. Because this also looks like a nicer-- I don't know.


TATE MCRAE: Guys, to join us on this lovely taste taste, we have this terrifying thing. I get this sent in the mail to me the other day. And I'm like, mom, send this back now. We're getting cursed.

This head pops up out of my mailbox. Not terrifying at all. First thing I'm going to put on is lipsticks. If you see in here, there's like a little smudges of them.

I no makeup pro. This is going to get all over me. We're going to put this on the lower lip.

Oh no, this is not going to work. She already has and indented lip color. I'll do it on myself. OK.


TATE MCRAE: How does it look, guys? It feels nice, feels lippy, feels nice and smooth. Looks like that. I'll try it on the girl first, again.

This looks awful. I'm sorry girl. Is like a nude-- nude feeling. This one definitely feels a heck of a lot drier. This is cheap. OK, yes.


TATE MCRAE: Guys, the next thing we're going to be doing is a mud mask. I've never done one of these myself, so I don't how my judgment is, how good it's going to be. I'm not going to be applying this to my face, that's for sure. I'm going to put this on her face.

Oh God, OK. So this is-- This is the doll. It looks nice, looks thick, looks creamy.

This is taking me back to my six-year-old days when I used to play with my American Doll. Damn, she's looking sexy. Now that her hair's out of her face.

Thank God, it was getting messy. OK, so this one, I'm noticing it's a little lighter. Sometimes that's not a good thing. I'm making an observation that the green cap is the-- the green cap is the expensive one.

Am I right? See you guys? Thickness and texture matters. I don't know what I've done to this girl.


TATE MCRAE: Let's see how good this blush is. Not sure how we're going to buy this, because she's plastic. So instead of the doll, we're going to put it on my wrist. This is the darker blush.

It has a nice little-- nice little fade to it. And then we have other color. Oh, the cheaper one, because it's white and it is not showing up. So the darker color is more expensive.

- Sorry, it was other one.



TATE MCRAE: The next thing we're going to be testing is windbreakers. It's like a nice little pastel moment. I mean, it feels nice, like, it feels like a cute thing. Kind of crunchy.

Not sure we. Well, we have Velcro. OK, I'm going to guess that this is more expensive.

- I'm sorry, Tate. You got that one wrong.



TATE MCRAE: Tats. Oh, I'm a big fan of temporary tats and I think it's because I'm so terrified of needles, but I really want tattoos. OK, I know for a fact that this one is nicer than this. I mean, it looks like this guy spent a little longer on the design.

And this guy, like, maybe whipped this up in a couple of minutes. Like, the detail, the feeling. OK, I'm guessing this is expensive.

What? Damn. That seems crazy. Guys, do you not-- do you not agree with me?


TATE MCRAE: Two different hair curlers. Nice blue clipper. And then we have a rainbow / I'm a fan of wands. That's what I use on my hair.

This one has a smooth-- smooth outline. Sounds nice. Guys, we'll try this out. On. As I'm waiting for these to heat up-- Oh, that is not a good idea, to do that on my face.

- OK, ready? That was nice. That was a cute, little curl. And now let's take a look at this guy. Let me call this front piece.


TATE MCRAE: That didn't turn out too good. I'm feeling that this-- Is this one more expensive?

- Sorry, Tate--

TATE MCRAE: No, I meant the other one. I meant-- I meant the other one. I doubted myself, guys. I was about to get it and I doubted myself.


TATE MCRAE: At least the food taste was good. I was spot on for that. I'm definitely going to eat more of that gummy bear. I mean, you can't just throw this out. It's like a two pound thing.

It'll break our garbage. Thanks for watching, guys. Bye.