Is Bad Josh Allen Back?

Liz Loza and Matt Harmon discuss the Bills' offense after they completed another comeback win in Week 3. Hear the full conversation on the Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher or wherever you listen.

Video Transcript


LIZ LOZA: I don't want to say you've been a Josh Allen truther, because you're better than that. You're not a truther, you're not just some guy on the internet like spitting out hot takes. But we have to talk about the Rams at Buffalo.


LIZ LOZA: I'm trying to lift you up here, buddy. Bad Josh Allen made his first appearance of this season today in the second half, but he managed to pull off the win, thanks to a PI call, which I had to think, by the way, I was like, oh, Michael Gallup knows what this call is like. Like isn't this just like PI karma a little bit?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, the universe equaling things out there for the Rams on that one. No, I mean, this is all part of the Josh Allen experience. It's all part of the Josh Allen analysis, is that no one is saying, and I'm not I'm not saying that like Josh Allen's going to be a top five quarterback or be this great player or whatever, but the point here is, that the margin for error has so greatly increased for the Buffalo Bills quarterback because of the personnel that's put around him, because of the way that they're calling plays, that has clearly all come together for this 2020 season.

So that the times when Josh Allen does things that it's just like, oh, my god, what the hell was that? I mean, those are always going to be a part of the experience. Like he's always going to have those, I think Evan Silva put it very meme-able throws. And like that's going to get shared across the timeline, whatever. But at the same time, now we have so much more positive in this offense, because of the players around him in the system, that those plays are not only worth, they're not only worth living through, they're also minimized overall because the offense is that explosive.

LIZ LOZA: When you're talking about his past catching weapons, obviously Stefon Diggs has been the big story over the past two weeks, and he remained very, very relevant. But I should note, or we should note, that John Brown did leave this contest with a calf injury. He'd been struggling with a foot injury for more than a minute, but if we are going to skew positively, which I know you and I both like to do, find this silver lining, it is absolutely Gabriel Davis who we talked a little bit about last week.

6' 2" adds some nice height to this receiving corps, undrafted free agent signing, and he caught all four of his balls for 81 yards. Gorgeous, I believe it was a 35-ish yard completion where he got his toes in and'll end up on a highlight reel. It's already on Twitter. So if Brown were to miss any significant time, I think Davis, obviously, gets a bump here.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I would agree with that. And this is a unit that it was encouraging that in the first half, Diggs, I mean, he had what could have been a touchdown had Allen not kind of bunny hopped it to him. He said another touchdown called back. But at the same time, from a bottom line perspective, Diggs and Brown were blanked in the box score in the first half.

And it was still an overall positive day for the Bills offense, especially like I said, in that first half when they dropped a three touchdown hammer. That's good news for the entire offense when your two best players are not making a big impact, but you're overall, you're still making plays.