Everything you need to know about Bad Bunny’s 'Most Wanted Tour': Dates, how to get tickets

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Bad Bunny will be America's most wanted next year.

The three-time Grammy winner announced his "Most Wanted Tour" Oct. 19 by posting a tease video to Instagram and dates to the tour's website.

He also shared a tour poster to his Instagram stories.

The tour kicks off in February and has 47 shows across 31 cities in North America. He's expected to perform songs from his latest album, "Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana.”

In the tease video, the "Un Verano Sin Ti" singer is riding a horse while wearing a ski mask. He then dismounts the horse, walking up to a wall of wanted signs of himself. He tears off one of them, removes his mask, crumples up the paper and tosses it aside.

The tour poster notes, “If you’re not a real fan, don’t come.”

Presale tickets become available for purchase for select shows on Oct. 25 at 11:00 a.m. ET, and more will become available as future tour dates approach.

Here's everything to know about the tour and how to get tickets.

Bad Bunny's tour announcement was posted to his Instagram stories. (@badbunnypr via Instagram)
Bad Bunny's tour announcement was posted to his Instagram stories. (@badbunnypr via Instagram)

When is Bad Bunny going on tour?

Bad Bunny (real name Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) announced Oct. 19 that he is going on tour starting Feb. 21, 2024, in Salt Lake City. The tour is scheduled to end May 26 in Miami.

How to get tickets to Bad Bunny's concert

Presale tickets for select shows, such as Phoenix, San Francisco and Portland, will become available on Ticketmaster, Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. ET.

Registration for presales opened Oct. 19 and closed Oct. 22.

Presale tickets for additional shows are expected to be released closer to future tour dates.

"Registration does not guarantee access to the sale," Ticketmaster notes. "We expect there to be more demand than there are tickets available."

What are Bad Bunny's tour dates?

  • Feb. 21: Salt Lake City

  • Feb. 23: Las Vegas

  • Feb. 24: Las Vegas

  • Feb. 27: Phoenix

  • Feb. 28: Phoenix

  • March 1: San Francisco

  • March 2: San Francisco

  • March 5: Sacramento, California

  • March 7: Portland, Oregon

  • March 9: Seattle

  • March 13: Los Angeles

  • March 14: Los Angeles

  • March 15: Los Angeles

  • March 20: Denver

  • March 23: Minneapolis

  • March 26: Kansas City, Missouri

  • March 28: Chicago

  • March 29: Chicago

  • March 30: Chicago

  • April 4: Toronto

  • April 6: Detroit

  • April 9: Washington, D.C.

  • April 11: Brooklyn, New York

  • April 12: Brooklyn, New York

  • April 13: Brooklyn, New York

  • April 17: Boston

  • April 19: Philadelphia

  • April 20: Hartford, Connecticut

  • April 22: Louisville, Kentucky

  • April 24: Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • April 26: Austin, Texas

  • April 27: Austin, Texas

  • April 30: Houston

  • May 1: Houston

  • May 3: Dallas

  • May 4: Dallas

  • May 7: New Orleans

  • May 10: Charlotte, North Carolina

  • May 11: Nashville, Tennessee

  • May 14: Atlanta

  • May 15: Atlanta

  • May 17: Orlando, Florida

  • May 18: Orlando, Florida

  • May 21: Tampa, Florida

  • May 24: Miami

  • May 25: Miami

  • May 26: Miami

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