Your fall backyard upgrade doesn't need to cost a fortune — save up to 40% today

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Turn the backyard into your new favorite spot this fall without breaking the bank. (Source: iStock)
Turn the backyard into your new favorite spot this fall without breaking the bank. (Source: iStock)

Cooler days are here, which means the weather is just perfect for evenings outside. Whether you’re having guests over for a get-together or simply want to spend a relaxing afternoon unwinding from your week, we found some simple upgrades for your backyard that won't cost a fortune.

From extra lighting and a comfy spot to chill to a little warmth when needed, get everything you need to entertain guests this fall for less.

A night by the fire

Firepit Table (Source: Amazon)
This Firepit Table with gorgeous blue fire glass will quickly become your favorite spot in your backyard. (Source: Amazon)

$189.99 $249.99 at Amazon

Even though the cooler weather is a nice change, evenings can get a little chilly. So why not cozy up by the fire pit? This gas fire pit table by Bali Outdoors is the perfect fit for any outdoor decor. With its compact size and stylish design, you can put this fire pit anywhere. It's also lightweight so you can move it around until you find the perfect spot.

It comes with a handy knob to control how much fire you need and a tabletop cover so you can use it as a table when you’re not using the pit. Get this trending backyard must-have for over 20% off on Amazon and spend your autumn nights by the fire.

Light the way

Garden Solar Lights (Source: Amazon)
These solar lights are super bright and are all-weather resistant to help light the way to your porch, garden or patio. (Source: Amazon)

$38.99 $42.71 at Amazon

Bring a little light into your backyard without the hassle of extension cords and wires all over the place with these Signature Garden lights. Place these solar-powered lights near flower beds or seasonal displays to make them pop at night. For a more practical use, place them along walkways so the path from one spot to another is more clear.

Since these lights are solar-powered, you don’t need to keep them by an outlet to each and or use any additional cables to power them on. They will automatically turn on once the sun goes down. Right now you can get a pack of six lights for 10% off so start lighting up your yard.

Make it more fun with lights

Cornhole Lights (Source: Amazon)
Cornhole Lights include a remote control so you can use 16 different light combinations to help keep score. (Source: Amazon)

$24.99 - 29.99 at Amazon

Love a game of cornhole and wish you could play at night? We have the perfect solution. These LED Corrnhole lights are designed with you in mind. Light up the rim and ring of your cornhole hoop and never worry about not having ample lighting to play. This package includes two cornhole ring lights, two cornhole edge lights, remote control and a bag of cable clips to make installing these lights super easy.

Using the remote control to change the lights, you can choose from four different modes and 16 different colors to make every game different from the last. All lights come in protective tubing so you don't have to worry about the lights getting damaged with every toss. Get yours on Amazon today and play your favorite game until the wee hours.

Take a swing at relaxing

Hammock (Source: Amazon)
The Swinging Hammock is a great place to relax and read while enjoying a beautiful fall breeze. (Source: Amazon)

$35.99 $65.99 at Amazon

Melt the day’s stress away when you sit back and relax on this hanging chair swing. This comfy hanging chair will quickly become the go-to spot for relaxing evenings. Made of soft polyester and cotton, this hammock chair is comfortable, yet still sturdy and durable. Its clever design allows you to sit or lie down and it has a side pocket large enough to keep a book, a tablet or a phone so you have everything you need within your reach.

Create the perfect spot under a sturdy tree branch or on your porch by properly hanging this chair. It comes with all the hardware you’ll need including a stainless steel ceiling mount, two snap hooks, a stainless steel chain and eight screws that can be used on concrete or wood. Get this hammock chair for nearly $30 off thanks to an additional coupon and swing your way into fall.

Warm things up a bit

Heater (Source: Amazon)
Made from durable and weatherproof materials, this space heater can be used both indoors and outdoors. (Source: Amazon)

$79.29 $126.99 at Amazon

If the covered patio or back porch needs a little warmth but you don’t want the fire pit too close to the house, check out this convenient space heater. Safe to use either indoors or out, this heater will instantly warm you and your guests up with its three power settings. Easily mount it on any wall or ceiling to provide all-around warmth.

Made with durable and weatherproof aluminum, the Dr Infrared Heater is ideal for your outdoor space. Pick one up on Amazon today for almost 40% off and get ready to be unphased by chilly autumn weather.

Enjoy the outdoors this autumn

Make sure your backyard is ready for all the afternoon activities you have planned this fall. With these outdoor upgrades, you can welcome guests into your backyard oasis.

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