Backflipping Dolphin Delights Whale Watchers in Monterey Bay

If you've ever been whale watching, chances are that you probably got to see some dolphins, even if you didn't get to see whales. Whale watchers got quite a show recently when one playful dolphin decided to show off for them in Monterey Bay, California.

ABC News shared a clip on Sunday, March 24th of the whale watchers' adventure. A pod of dolphins was near the boat as one dolphin was practicing his backflipping skills, and it's so cool to see! A passenger recorded about 30 seconds of the acrobatic dolphin, and it will totally make your day!

ABC News commenters really enjoyed the scene. I laughed at educateandlake's comment, "That dolphin said “Oh, you’re here to see whales?? Hold my beer…. "!" and @LittleGoodieNewShoes made me laugh when she said, "😂It’s the little ‘Yippie’ for me! LOL!" because I thought the same thing!

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Fascinating Whale Facts

Have you ever been whale watching? It's an amazing experience, especially if you're lucky enough to see whales. The first time I took my kids out to do it out of Long Beach, California, we lost count of how many we got to see, and at a couple of different points throughout the tour, our boat was surrounded on all sides by them. We even got to see a mama and her baby whale feeding on nearby fish! It was such a successful day to whale watch that my kids were interviewed and made the local news! I've also been scuba diving and got to hear dolphins communicate and whales sing underwater, another experience I will never forget.

Whale songs are mesmerizing, and shared a fact that I didn't know about these songs: only the male whales sing. Their beautiful songs attract mates as well as to let other males know they're in the area looking for females. Whale songs can last for up to 30 minutes, and if you listen to a song, you'll hear high-pitched squeals, whistles, as well as low, rumbling gurgles. Surprisingly, these songs can be heard up to 20 miles away. Through research I've also learned that whales more than 8,000 miles apart from each other have been recorded singing the same songs!

If you're ready to go whale watching now, you'll have to do your research to see the best time to go to see the whales you want to see. If you visited Monterey Bay right now (the Monterey Bay Aquarium is also a must see!), you'd likely get to see both grey whales and even orcas through May, and if you visit Southern California, you can see them through April. It's definitely something to add to your bucket list if you're an ocean or whale lover...I highly recommend doing it at least once!

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