Back in Stock Alert: The "Flutter" Leggings That Always Sell Out in a Single Day

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Big fan of Alo leggings here, and based on how often I hear people talking about them in my weekly workout classes, I know I'm not the only one. Alo is one of those brands that set legging and activewear trends on a regular basis, and considering the brand releases new items every week, it's very regular.

One of the Alo-produced items that caught my eye in recent months is its Flutter Leggings, which just restocked in Black. They're made of Alo's signature Airbrush fabric (which is buttery smooth and all-around perfect) and have a chic high waist. But what sets them apart is the trendy slit at the hem. It obviously looks cool, but it also allows for extra ventilation and highlights your sneakers—all good things. I noticed that the first time around they sold out immediately, then they restocked (I get the email alerts) and sold out within a day. So for a third time, they're fully stocked and likely on their way to selling out again. Keep scrolling to grab them before that happens and to shop a few other trend-forward Alo leggings that I happen to love.

Alo Airbrush High-Waist Flutter Leggings ($108)

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