'Bachelorette' Tayshia Adams Is All Fit Abs And Flawless Skin In New No-Makeup Pics

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  • Bachelorette Tayshia Adams showed off her flawless skin and toned abs on Instagram.

  • She shared multiple no-makeup photos and videos ahead and after the 2020 AMAs.

  • Tayshia's skincare routine includes a $10 cleanser that keeps her skin acne-free.

Bachelorette star Tayshia Adams just spent the weekend in Los Angeles for the AMAs, as one does, and she shared a bunch of flawless no-makeup pics in her Instagram Stories from the experience.

In one selfie, Tayshia is wearing a white crop top tracksuit, and she looks amazing. Her skin is perfection, and her abs look super strong. "Unforgettable weekend in LA but time to head home," she wrote over top.

Photo credit: Tayshia Adams / Instagram Stories
Photo credit: Tayshia Adams / Instagram Stories

Fast forward to a bunch of BTS shots of Tayshia getting ready for the red carpet, before you see her in bed, wearing glasses and without a stitch of makeup. "Off to thank the big man upstairs. Good night," she wrote.

Photo credit: Tayshia Adams / Instagram Stories
Photo credit: Tayshia Adams / Instagram Stories
Photo credit: Tayshia Adams / Instagram Stories
Photo credit: Tayshia Adams / Instagram Stories

Obviously, Tayshia has always looked great, but she looks even more fit and glowy than usual lately.

Lucky for her fans, Tayshia has chatted about her fitness and beauty routines recently, and there are all kinds of tidbits you can steal. First up, her skin!

Tayshia says she washes her face with The Inkey List's Salicylic Acid cleanser, something she found online. "I was on the internet looking for a solution to this acne problem I was having," she recently told Refinery29. "I kept seeing ads pop up and I thought, 'This is $10, there's no way it can actually work.' But now, it's my favorite thing ever." She likes to follow up her skin cleansing with toner. "I love, love toner," she said. "My favorite is just the classic witch hazel kind."

She follows that up with serum—Blemish & Age Prevent one by SkinCeuticals is a favorite—and then some solid moisturizer. "I love to top my serum with the Jet Lag Mask from Summer Fridays," she said. "That's probably my favorite nighttime moisturizer."

Tayshia also told Cosmopolitan that she’s into laser facials. Pre-pandemic, she says she was getting these done pretty much every two weeks to help treat her hormonal acne. "It really cleared things up," she said.

On the fitness front, Tayshia has been keeping people updated on her workouts for ages. And, whew, she does not mess around.

Tayshia has an entire highlight reel on her Instagram Stories that shows all of the exercises she does to stay fit and healthy. Those include weighted glute bridges, ballerina squats with weights, and crunches with a medicine ball. She’s also big on boxing, indoor cycling, battle ropes, and sled pushes, and OMG, I need to go lay down after watching all that.

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