Bachelor’s Victoria Just Posted Unaired Footage of the Real Reason She Fought With Marylynn

Jason Pham
·1 min read

After this week’s explosive episode, Bachelor Nation members may be curious about why Victoria and Marylynn feuded on The Bachelor 2021. Well, Victoria may have revealed the real reason for her beef with Marylynn, and it wasn’t seen on TV.

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To recap: “Queen” Victoria Larson and Marylynn Sienna became the first feud of the season on Monday, January 11, when Victoria told Bachelor Matt James that Marylynn was “manipulative” and “toxic” because of something she said about her. At first, it seemed like Victoria and Marylynn’s fight was over Marylynn allegedly telling Victoria she wanted to “pick” her “brain” to see why she acts the way she does, which Marylynn denied ever saying.

“You were rude to me earlier…You said,...

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