Do ‘Bachelor’ Contestants Get Paid? What We Know About How Much Matt’s Suitors Make

Jason Pham
·1 min read

If you’ve been a member of Bachelor Nation for years, you may curious to know how much The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contestants make and get paid per episode or season. Let us explain.

The Bachelor premiered 2002, while The Bachelorette has been on TV 2003, which means that there have been hundreds of Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants over the years. As fans know, many contestants go on to have careers as Instagram influencers, podcast hosts and authors after their time in the Bachelor franchise—even if they don’t win or become the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. So even if a contestant doesn’t end up finding love, they don’t walk away with nothing.

Along with millions of Instagram followers waiting for them, the Bachelor and...

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