Baby's Reaction to Dog Stealing His Toy Is Cute and Unexpected

They'll be best buds for life!

Children struggle when it comes to sharing or at least they do at first. They don't understand the concept. They think everything is just for them. So having to teach them to share can be a very difficult process, but not always!

TikTok user @cmcg0's baby is ahead when it comes to sharing for that age group. The baby was laying on his stomach when the family dog came over and took one of his toys. But instead of crying and getting upset that the Chihuahua was playing with the toy, he did something we'd never expected and it's absolutely adorable. Take a look! 

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Aww! This is seriously so sweet and not at all what we were expecting. We were ready for this baby to throw a fit as most kids would do. Instead, he started laughing at the dog. He already knew sharing is caring!

"Both are so cute," commented @sandydogmomma. Right?! If this is how strong their relationship is now, we can't wait to see what it's like when the baby is older. They'll be playing together 24/7! "Aww the laughter of that baby," said @alysia_702. That's a sound we could listen to nonstop. So stinkin' cute!

Another TikTok user, @grouptherapyforall, wrote, "The doggy going in." HA! The dog is going to rip that toy to shreds! We're glad the baby is happy to share his toys, but this dog needs to start taking care of things that aren't his. And if he does destroy the toy, he needs to apologize and get his baby brother a new one. LOL!

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