This Baby Yoda Waffle Maker Will Stamp The Child Onto Your Breakfast

Photo credit: GameStop
Photo credit: GameStop

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As much as we love frozen waffles, making them fresh really is the way to go. Just like how macaroni and cheese tastes better when it’s in a shape, waffles taste better when they have a fun design imprinted on them. There’s no need to hide your love of Star Wars here, because we’re just as excited about this new Baby Yoda waffle maker!

It works like any other waffle maker. Simply turn it on, pour in the batter, lower the lid, and wait for it to take form. It has five temperature settings and nonstick pans. Once it’s golden brown and ready to eat, it’ll have The Mandalorian imprinted on the waffle along with Baby Yoda itself. The exterior also shows The Child, so you’ll be happy to display it on your countertop.

The Child waffle maker is available on Amazon for $44.99. So far, it has an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Let the breakfast-making begin!

Beyond waffles, you can use it to make eggs, sandwiches, quesadillas, and even desserts like brownies and cakes. Could you imagine? A Baby Yoda cake?! Something tells us that this waffle maker will not go to waste.

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