This Baby Yoda Succulent Planter Will Take Your Space Out of This World

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Photo credit: Silver Buffalo
Photo credit: Silver Buffalo

The Baby Yoda — or should we say Grogu — craze is still going strong, thanks to Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The latest must-have product for people who love the Disney+ show is the adorable The Child Mini Planter. And if you also love plants, it’s double awesome.

The faux succulent, which was created by Silver Buffalo, features a 3.5-inch-long brown planter that’s covered in Baby Yoda with a frog in his mouth and in a Hoverpram. It comes with a fake succulent that makes the whole thing 4.5 inches tall. Not only does that mean you get a cute piece for our space, but you also don’t have to worry about killing the plant.

You can find the new Baby Yoda planter at a variety of stores, including Walmart and Target, for $16.99. It’s sure to make a fun addition to your desk, table, or a gift to a friend who has a thing for Star Wars and plants.

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