Baby Sloth at San Antonio Zoo 'Loves to Snack' and Everyone Can Relate

There's cute--and then there's the baby animal kind of cute! At least if you're an animal lover like me, it's easy to fall head-over-heels for tiny newborn critters. In fact, I know plenty of people who think baby animals are even cuter than human babies! The perfect storm, of course, is a baby interacting with a baby animal, but this precious baby sloth from the San Antonio Zoo comes pretty darn close.

In a November 28 TikTok video from the zoo, the little sloth named Luna does her absolute favorite thing--snacking, of course! A kind zookeeper helps the little one chow down while the baby cuddles onto a stuffed sloth of her own, and it truly can't get much cuter!

OMG--just look at that little cutie! At first glance, I couldn't even distinguish where the baby sloth ends and her plush friend begins, but I was also very focused on the way she munched on that piece of food. Clearly, she's one hungry little girl!

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I guess I might be a hungry girl, too, because I genuinely thought Luna was enjoying a cheese cube the first time I watched this video from the @sanantoniozoo. But it's more likely a piece of fruit or vegetable! One commenter guessed she was eating butternut squash, but my guess is mango. After all, wild and pet sloths eat mainly leaves, fruits, and insects.

This little zoo animal has been stealing hearts left and right since she and her brother Sol were born earlier this year. The public even voted on the sloth's names--which mean 'sun' and 'moon,' respectively, and now they get to watch the twins grow up in the zoo. Needless to say, they're some of the zoo's most popular residents already!

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