This baby’s reaction to bath time gets cuter and cuter: 'She has no business being this stinking cute'

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Not all babies love the bath, but this one sure does!

TikTok mom Autumn Barron (@honestlyautumn) shares hacks, relatable mom content and adorable videos of her baby on the social media platform. Recently, Autumn shared a compilation video of her daughter’s reactions to bath time and how she gets more excited every time. 

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The video opens with a shot of the bathtub filled with water, bubbles and bath toys, showing the caption, “My baby’s reaction to her bath just keeps getting cuter & cuter.” The camera pans over to the bathroom doorway as Autumn’s baby is carried in by dad. The baby is squealing with excitement and kicking her legs, while dad is all smiles.

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“Are you excited for your bath?” Autumn asks from behind the camera. Judging by her baby’s giggles, it’s safe to say the answer is yes. 

The next shot shows a similar scene, with Autumn’s daughter being carried in by dad again, somehow more excited than in the previous clip. The baby squirms in dad’s arms, seemingly with anticipation of getting into the bath. 

The final two quick shots show Autumn’s baby somehow even more excited than the previous clips, complete with squeals of joy and tons of leg kicking.

Baby love

TikTokers couldn’t get enough of the baby’s bath time excitement and flooded the comments with love and appreciation for the adorable video. 

“She has no business being this stinking cute,” wrote one admiring viewer. 

Others shared their personal experiences bathing little ones. 

“My daughter threw a FIT cause she saw me making her bath,” wrote one TikTok parent. 

 While not every baby will be as excited for bath time as Autumn’s daughter is, there are plenty of tips and tricks to make it easier on less enthusiastic little ones.

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