Baby pig headed to market falls off truck and gets second chance at life, rescuers say

A baby pig bound for the market fell off a truck onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike, rescuers said.

Now he has a second chance at life.

While traveling with his mother and siblings, 3-week-old Romeo, a Yorkshire pig, fell off the back of a truck and was rescued by a passerby, the Adams County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said in a May 3 Facebook post.

Despite his traumatic ordeal and “a lot of road rash,” veterinarians expect Romeo to recover just fine, the organization said.

The Adams County SPCA said Romeo loves “being held and loved on!”

Romeo was adopted by a family who has a farm with plenty of room to accommodate his future size as male Yorkshire pigs can weigh between 550 and 750 pounds.

“The kids have taught him how to walk on a harness and they are working to teach him how to sit and lay down,” the organization told McClatchy News.

Romeo the Yorkshire pig learning to walk on a leash with his new family
Romeo the Yorkshire pig learning to walk on a leash with his new family

“He is also already housebroken,” they added. “Romeo is VERY smart!”

Adams County is in south-central Pennsylvania, between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

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