Baby’s love for her puppy’s soft ears reminds us all to enjoy life’s little joys

This baby petting her dog is the most soothing video you’ll watch all week.

When the world is getting too hectic, it’s always great to slow down. Sometimes nothing helps us get in touch with our calmer sides like our pets. They’re always there when we need a reprieve or just some genuine cuddling. Even children could use some downtime with the family pet every now and again.

The Instagram account @earthfervor shared a video of a baby girl’s bond with her dog, and it’s joyfully mesmerizing.

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In the short clip, all that’s visible is the little girl’s cherubic arm and tiny plump fingers. The tiny tot stroked the floppy brown ear of her dog as they lay on the couch together. The dog looked unfazed and totally at ease in the baby girl’s presence. They were just two friends chilling.

The adorable video racked up over 64,000 likes on Instagram. People instantly fell in love with the dynamic duo.

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“Those little fingers,” a user said.

“That little chonk hand and the petals,” another wrote.

“This is just too cute,” a person commented.

“That dog has a lot of patience,” a user replied.

“I can keep watching this over and over again!” someone added.

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