Baby girl demands dad give her more pats in adorable surveillance footage

It was a good thing the cameras were rolling when this baby girl communicated with her dad in the cutest way.

When infants aren’t old enough to articulate their needs, they use other ways of communicating with us. Through their use of sounds, expressions and gestures, parents can usually decipher what their kiddos want. This instance was no different when a baby girl wanted more bonding time with her dad.

TikTok mom Malysha Ouellette shared the moving encounter between father and daughter.

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The baby monitor revealed the special moment. The father was gently patting his daughter’s backside while she was falling asleep. When the father tried to leave, the infant started patting her back. It was her way of signaling to dad that she wanted more of his soothing touch.

Ouellette explained that patting “helps our baby since she was very little. It soothes them.”

The adorable moment moved people on TikTok.

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“Baby is, like, nah, you haven’t completed the necessary pats,” a user wrote.

“My daughter did this too when she was a baby. She’s almost 3 and still does it,” another commented.

“A girl who knows how to have her needs met. Kudos to you for teaching her to express herself,” a person said.

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