Baby found in Lakeland dumpster was born dead, Medical Examiner says. Mother comes forward

The baby that was found in a dumpster behind a gym on South Florida Avenue on Thursday was born dead without ever taking a breath and had a severe brain deformity, according to the Medical Examiner's Office fo the 10th Judicial Circuit.

Lakeland police said in a news release Monday night that baby was born to a Brusela D’Enstachio-Lugo, 34, who came to the police station to speak with detectives over the weekend after seeing photos released by LPD.

Police said D’Enstachio-Lugo was cooperative and admitted giving birth alone outside her residence during the early morning hours of May 10. She told detectives she was unaware she was pregnant before giving birth, and that thought she was just getting sick. She said she didn't go to the hospital afterward because she was in the country illegally and didn't want to get in trouble. She also didn't have any money to pay the medical expenses. She admitted putting the infant's remains in the dumpster later that evening.

After consultation with the State Attorney's Office, D’Enstachio-Lugo was charged with improper storage, preservation and transportation of human remains, a misdemeanor.

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Police collected DNA from D'Enstachio-Lugo to compare with the dead infant, and the Department of Homeland Security was notified of her immigration status and provided information on the case.

Police said the case remains active, and additional forensics tests are in progress.

This article originally appeared on The Ledger: Police say mother didn't kill baby found in dumpster. It was born dead