Baby ‘chooses’ older sister over parents every single time in adorable competition: ‘What a precious family’

These TikTok parents shared an adorable video in which they compete with their toddler daughter for their baby’s attention. Spoiler alert: the baby chooses his sister over his parents every time!

Chris and Gabby (@thecarlinfamily) are TikTokers and parents who share adorable and often hilarious videos of their kids, Audrey and Asher. In a recent video, Chris, Gabby, and Audrey all lined up and competed to get Asher to crawl over to them. They performed the competition several times, and each time Asher chose Audrey over his parents, showing the sweet bond between the baby and his older sister!

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The video begins with a shot of Chris, Gabby, and Audrey sitting on the floor of their home wearing matching pajamas. Each family member holds a toy and uses it to try to get Asher’s attention. Asher, meanwhile, sits several feet away staring at his family as they make a commotion to try to get him to crawl over. A caption reads, “Mom vs. Dad vs. Audrey.”

Chris, Gabby, and Audrey all yell, laugh, and call to the baby to try and attract his attention. After a moment, the baby begins to crawl towards his family members. At first, it’s unclear which family member he has chosen, but then he veers to the right and heads straight towards Audrey. When he reaches his older sister, Audrey breaks into a bright grin, while her parents throw up their arms in defeat.

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Then, the Carlins repeat the experiment. Once again, mom and dad wave toys in the air to try to get Asher to crawl to them. But this time, Audrey seems to have lost interest in the competition, and sits on the floor, playing with her toy, oblivious to the commotion. Still, Asher heads straight for his sister!

The family repeats the competition two more times, and each time, Asher chooses Audrey over his parents. The video ends as Chris, Gabby, and Audrey all laugh and applaud the adorable baby.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the baby and his love for his sister!

“She wasn’t even trying and Ash went straight to her,” commented one viewer.

“Aww, their sibling bond!” wrote another TikToker.

“What a precious family,” another TikToker commented.

Asher and Audrey truly are #siblinggoals!

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