Baby Chimp’s Reaction to Seeing His Human Dad Is So Heartwarming

Just like kids, animals can miss their parents, too. UAE Lion King shared a video at the end of January 2024 showing what happens when he comes to visit one of his 'kids', and it's clear the little one missed him!

The video starts with the man, the owner of RAK Private Zoo in the United Arab Emirates. He comes onto the screen in a golfcart, and when he gets out a little chimpanzee wearing shorts comes running at him. The two are calling to each other, and it's clear the chimpanzee is excited to see the man. Watch their sweet interaction after the two embrace!

Isn't this sweet? The baby chimp looked like he was smiling, and the two kissing each other was so touching. These two definitely love each other! This may be the most viral video that I've ever seen. UAE Lion King's video has more than 397 million views, 23 million likes, and more than 302 thousand comments. 'Viral' doesn't even begin to explain how viral this video went! Commenters agreed that the love the chimp showed was genuine and beautiful. One commenter said, "He reacted like a small child at the sight of his father!"

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Baby Chimp Fun Facts

Baby chimps are absolutely adorable and seem very much like human babies. They are actually called infants, not surprising since scientists have found that chimps share 98.8% of their DNA with human babies. Did you know that baby chimps actually laugh when they play? Google it because it's pretty cute to hear!

At birth, they know how to cling to their mother, and actually cling to her belly for the first few months of life. Baby chimps don't cry like human babies do and have a "scream" that they use to vocalize when they need their mother. These little guys and girls then spend the first seven to ten years with their moms, learning how to find food, use tools, groom, and make nests in trees. They're so smart that if living in captivity, they can even learn sign language to communicate with people. They're very intelligent animals!

It may seem that having a pet chimp would be a lot of fun, and it would be! But remember that they are actually wild and dangerous animals. And while they are very intelligent and seem so humanlike, they are also unpredictable and are incredibly strong. This man owns a zoo and I'm sure has a lot of experience with these animals. I'll just keep watching his videos instead of researching where to find one of these exotic pets.

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