Baby Boogies as He Hears Music for the First Time Following Cochlear Implants

Baby Manning James couldn’t help but giggle and dance when he heard music for the first time on February 9.

Ten-month-old Manning had cochlear implants fitted after he was born profoundly deaf in both ears, his mother, Noelle Brantley, said.

This video shows Manning hearing music for the first time as he watches his favorite show, Muppet Babies.

“To most people this is just something every baby does, but to me, this is incredible! Manning has never danced to music because he’s never heard it,” Brantley said. Credit: Noelle Brantley via Storyful

Video Transcript

- (SINGING) Animals are drums that belong a flash.

- (SINGING) Duck because I think he's gonna--

- (SINGING) Is everything all right out here?

- Yes, Miss Nanny.

- (SINGING) Muppet babies, they make their dreams come true. Muppet babies now do the same for you.


- The coffee cup.

- The coffee cup.

- Hey.